Our Response to COVID-19

May 19, 2020

To all our valuable customers:

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged business communities worldwide, compelling them to adapt to the unprecedented situation. Organizations have responded by embracing the work from home modality in order to ensure the safety of their workforce.

At our parent company The CIS Group, as well as at Hiperdist, we have rapidly deployed these measures. Our various teams are already working from home in a way as to minimize the impact on our service delivery capabilities, despite the sharp rise in workload and support solicitations recently.

Our support teams stand ready to respond to all requests logged at

Additionally, in order to help you optimize your work from home modality, our consultants are at your disposal. They can help you define the best possible approach to ensure business and operational continuity, thus providing a secure, fast and cost-effective solution for all your staff working from home.

Our team of experts can help support you with:

      • VPN connectivity using VPN concentrator and App proxy:
        • Securely connect your remote user to your enterprise network without putting your network at risk.
      • Identity Security:
        • Secure remote connections to your resources by leveraging the MFA to protect the user’s identity.
      • Data and Endpoint Security:
        • Secure the Data to prevent any data leak, unauthorized access or misuse.
        • Secure remote users’ endpoints by continuously monitoring to make sure that your enterprise and cloud network is safe.
      • Accessing Applications and Desktops:
        • Allow access to business applications and to office desktops by the home users using different VDI options and scenarios.
        • Migrate critical Data, applications and desktops to the cloud and provide secure access to all authorized remote users from anywhere using any device.
      • Collaboration and communication:
        • Provide authorized users with a cloud intranet portal to better exchange internal information, share files and mainly operate the core applications.
        • Provide authorized users with a collaboration platform featuring powerful functionalities such as IM, voice calls, video calls, conference calls, document sharing, and co-authoring.
      • Customizing technologies to fit specific needs:
        • High quality infrastructure support end-to-end from supply to delivery, installation and configuration covering systems and network hardware/software along with related maintenance needs.
        • Support for products under warranty as well as out of warranty.
      • Design and Implementation of executable support plans:
        • To provide comprehensive support of complex critical systems and ensure network uptime requirements.
        • To continue respecting SLA’s already agreed upon with our customers.

We strongly believe that by working hand-in-hand we can overcome the challenges of these troubled times.

We urge you to reach out to our experts and to discuss with them the possible ways in which we can assist you to fulfil your URGENT needs.

All the best and stay safe,
The Hiperdist team.