VERTIV- UAE Distributor

Monitoring and Management:

Vertiv’s infrastructure monitoring, intelligent controls, and centralized management systems work together to increase security, equipment availability, utilization, and efficiency. These are:


  • Desktop KVM and KM – It helps you to achieve unique levels of business continuity and cost savings, by enhancing the productivity of your time-strapped IT personnel, through simplified usability.


  • IP KVM Switches – It takes the efficiency and performance of your critical facility one step further, by enabling improved local and remote management of your servers and power usage control, through future-proofed KVM over IP switches.


  • Secure KVM – It provides the secure access that peripheral devices need to share in order to prevent cyber intrusion or to handle both confidential and non-classified projects concurrently


  • Serial Consoles and Gateways – When management of IT equipment is needed, and IP networking isn’t an option, a serial console offers remote access for port configuration, upgrades, troubleshooting, and disaster recovery.
  • Software – It is a robust computer management system that collects all the data you need to run your critical infrastructure efficiently, and delivers a real-time, integrated view of the entire IT facility and its subsequent assets.


Monitoring – When it comes to  tracking battery , leak detection systems, temperature control sensor-level monitoring for harsh industrial environments, or complex data center monitoring systems, they accept that this is a vital  part of future-proofing and safe-guarding a sensitive  facility from threats ranging  from faulty equipment and env