VERTIV- UAE Distributor

Thermal Management:

High-performance thermal management solutions from Vertiv promise the world’s most reliable, sustainable, eco-friendly and cost-effective heat management for critical spaces. Thermal management products are offered for:


  • Enclosure Cooling – It allows complete circulation of temperature and ensures your critical IT equipment runs at peak performance even in enclosed spaces with a holistic range of thermal management solutions.


  • Room Cooling – A holistic approach to cutting-edge room cooling solutions, enables to support a vast range of applications. Vertiv products use the latest cooling technology and ensure the thermal system’s components are integrated, monitored and optimized.


  • In-Row Cooling – Ecofriendly technology like the Critical thermal management systems saving energy and water consumption to improve any in-row cooling solution you are using or set to deploy.


  • Rack Cooling – It assures a cooling solution that not only regulates temperature, but also has optimum energy savings, Vertiv functions on effectively controlling the high emission heat generated by tightly packed electronic enclosures, by designing holistic and customizable thermal management systems.


  • Evaporative Free Cooling – It improves the heat management by deploying evaporative free cooling solutions that will take you to an unique level of energy efficiency and reliability.


  • Free Cooling Chillers – Vertiv provides free cooling chillers working with in-row cooling solutions which can deliver PUE levels <1.2 and enable you to take advantage of high operating temperature ratings for equipment and low ambient temperatures outside the data center.


  • Thermal Control and Monitoring – It allows you to make system adjustments based on your load requirements. This flexibility optimizes refrigeration and overall performance in the data center to support the business objectives.